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With so many so-called credit experts online, who can you trust?  Simple... look at the company's pricing model.  Many companies claim that there are no upfront fees, or that they "charge fees for work performed during the previous month".  This is really a play on words.  The so-called "work" they are charging you for is to DISPUTE your credit reports.  Disputing bad credit is not the same as DELETING bad credit.  If the company is as good as they claim they are, they should only charge you after you actually receive a benefit.  

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Do-it-Yourself Credit Repair

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows you, the consumer, to dispute information on your credit report free of charge.  We recommend this path if (a) your credit report contains accounts that are not yours, and (b) your report contains accounts with late payments when you were never 30-days late or more.

If you meet the criteria above, call 1-800-682-2919 for free advice on how to dispute this information on your own at no cost. 


When should you use a credit repair company?... here's a shocker... if you have bad credit that you believe is correct.  Now, that goes against everything you've read because no one can remove accurate information, right?  Well, just because YOU believe an account is correct, does not mean that it's accurate.  Here's one example: an unlicensed debt collector (in your state) has no authority to claim you owe them a debt, meaning any collections they report are not accurate.  Here's another example: creditors often report conflicting data to different credit bureaus, which is a violation of the FCRA according to multiple U.S. District Court rulings.  A credit repair pro worth their weight knows how to identify these errors and more.  



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"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did an absolutely phenomenal job on our credit.  Words cannot describe how Bruce and I feel. Please accept our deepest gratitude.


"Since we enrolled in your program, we have a total of FIVE credit cards, a $1200 credit limit increase, a $7500 "unsecured" loan to consolidate and pay off ALL the cards, and more."


"I pray that you receive everything you wish in life because you certainly deserve it. You are in a business of changing lives for the better and for that God bless you. I cannot think of a better karma for you.  Again, thank you x infinity."

Paris & Bruce Thomas

Anahiem, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you for fixing my credit up. After years of getting declined and driving a junk car that had broken down a few days ago, I applied for a car loan in the hopes I would get approved as I desperately needed transportation for me and my family. I just got the news I was approved!! I know 100% it has to do with the hard work you guys put in for us."

Fred Roca

Hartford, CT