Our Credit Repair Process – A Quick Overview

Damaged credit will hold you back

Is your credit history keeping you from buying a car, home, or obtaining an apartment?  Over 80% of Americans have at least one or two negative items on their credit report, and unfortunately, only a fraction of our population is aware that credit repair is a legal option. By utilizing both state and federal law, we've deleted more than a million negative items from credit reports since 2001.

We offer a comprehensive credit repair plan with our primary focus on removing negative items from your credit reports and providing you with the tools to increase your credit score. It’s important to note that while negative items are the number one cause of credit scores dropping, you must have active, “positive” accounts on your credit reports for your credit scores to see faster improvements. The credit reporting system is very complex, and boosting up your credit score is made up of more than what meets the eye.

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  • Removing negative and invalid items off your credit reports.
  • Helping you establish new accounts to build up positive credit.
  • Showing you how to add years of positive credit in as little as 45 days.
  • Providing you strategies to increase your credit score on your own.


In as little as 30 to 60 days, you could witness negative and invalid items fall off entirely off your credit reports, permanently. Effective credit restoration is what we do.

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